Take off

Graphic & Motion / EP & video lyrics Design

The design process for the EP and video lyrics.


When Alice Wonder asked me to create her first EP design, she already had a clear idea of the concept she wanted to transmit. Her songs were written since she was really young and her idea was to show the child within all of us, the brightness that comes from the dark, vibrant colors that come from the fire within her generation, she called it firekid. We both agreed we wanted it to be illustrations and so we began to work on it together.


I had the idea of creating scratch illustrations like we did when we were kids, paint a blank page with colors, cover with black, and scratch to reveal the colors. Alice liked it and so we began to work, she wanted to be involved in the whole process plus she wanted to make the illustrations, so we worked side by side for weeks creating all the images of the EP and the video lyrics. We also created a typography from her calligraphy.


Once we had all the illustrations, I scanned them in very high quality so that we could use also details without losing quality. The idea for the cover was to use an illustration from a fire but since we saw the scanned illustrations, we chose an area of a drawing that looked like a fire but more abstract. For the CD, we used the same technique with the name of the EP: Take off.

Video lyrics

The same technique was used for the video lyrics, I separated the illustrations on to layers and animated them in After Effects to go with the music. It was a lot of hard work but it definitely paid off. 

Laura De la cruz



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