Sex Education

UX /Design Thinking

How to offer young people the Sexual Education they deserve.


Youngsters are lacking Sexual Education, being too little, too focused on the biological side of it and interrupted.

The objective was to enable a better emotional and affective development for the youth so that they could generate balanced and healthy The goal was to create a disruptive solution, that would also be a reference to the rest of Europe.

Start a conversation on the matter and divulge it in order to change habits.


Following the double diamond process, We began to diverge by researching.

We took on both quantitative and qualitative research processes in order to generate insights.

This lead us to our problem statement while allowing us to create our user persona, journey and empathy maps, that would be the base of our Idea.

For the whole research process please visit my Medium article.

Light &
desk research


Research questions

Formularies & interviews

Focus Group

Sex education is not just about condoms, it teaches about emotions, self-esteem, biological facts...

Diverging & Ideating

we proceeded to do a MoSCoW, a creative methodology where we identify the possible solution by defining it on these categories: Must, Should, Could, Won’t.

We brainstormed with the MoSCoW in mind and a pen on our hand. It was clear that we wanted to create something to compliment, explain and promote an ongoing sexual education at school. It had to be something that spread the word fast and could make an impact on our society, something worth sharing on our social media, a disruptive idea.

MAS was created

The idea was simple yet disruptive, a Museum for the Sexual Education (Museo del aprendizaje de la Sexualidad).

An interactive museum divided by ages. Kids would have to visit with their parents or their consent in case they went with school and each path would be age-appropriate. It would inform on a ludic and proactive way about emotions, body parts, relationships, etc. not only kids but their parents.


Our first steps were to define our Logo and claim.

“Vamos a MAS” playing with the acronym of the Museum the claim would read “Let’s go for more, or let’s go further”. Why MAS (more) because kids need and deserve more.

As a promotion to our Interactive Museum, we created a very visual and appealing video, that would not give much of what they could find inside, acting as a teaser.

The Museum path

our proposal blueprint of the museum created to fit the Ifema facilities in Madrid. Apart from the Museum, at it, we can see the different areas, including an auditorium for talks. 

The following gallery of pictures displays the areas of the path we developed for the ages 16 to 20 you can read the whole description of the museum here.

In the future

In order to finish the project, we will create a website where people will be able to get their tickets.

Going to other cities and being a success in satisfied visitors, is our goal for the future.

Laura De la cruz



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