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Change app

UX / Design Thinking

My solution on how to fight climate change consequences.


Climate change is a subject that has always had me worried but lately even more so. That is why I decided to take on this adventure of finding a possible way of fighting the consequences and making our future world a better one.

To find “doable actions” on every person’s life that would generate a real impact.

I used the Design Thinking Methodology and had 14 days to make it.


The Design thinking process frameworks 6 phases: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and implement.

I also used the Design Council’s Double Diamond process to approach it, Diverge during the Investigation and discovery process, to converge with the insights and definition. Diverge again during the development and brainstorming to converge on the delivery.

For the first Diamond, I took on both quantitative and qualitative research processes in order to generate insights. Read the whole process on my Medium article.

Light &
desk research


Research questions



To Generate a positive impact on climate change by the way we consume.

Problem statement

Diverging & Ideating

In order to start developing and brainstorming I created User Personas, Customer Journeys, and Empathy maps. They helped me with the task, being the User persona the most useful one.
I proceeded to do a MoSCoW, a creative methodology where we get to identify the possible solution by defining it on these categories: Must, Should, Could, Won’t.


  • An app that compares products based on CO2 emissions.
  •  It should show alternative products that are better for our environment.
  •  Inform about the situation, and how much of a difference our choice would make.
  •  Contamination should be visualized on the design and be organic.
  • The app should use artificial intelligence.
  • Show users progress during the weeks & months to encourage them.
  • A list of favorites is a must, there the user would save all the liked items.
  • It should be able to search by barcode, QR, type, and voice.


I chose a very simple and direct name that could be a reminiscence of an ONG, CHANGE, in capital letters to make a loud statement, a shout out.
The color I chose, electric blue, symbolizes what we are risking, our oceans & rivers are at risk suffering the most with the pollution and CO2 emissions. Also our blues skies & clean air.


I decided to create the app extremely clean and easy to use, So I went for a neomorphism style. As I listed on the Idea I wanted the app to be organic, to transform and show the contamination of our product, so I came up with the idea of making the color switch depending on the CO2.

Whole design process here.


Testing & Conclusions

The feedback was really good, I interviewed 6 people and all of them enjoyed the simplicity and use of the app. They loved the idea and were really keen to use it for real. Some suggested it could be nice to incorporate a section where users could compare two products.

I’m very pleased with the result, making a Design Thinking in only two weeks is a big challenge, as users and experts are the ones that give us the core information for the project, interviewing people could be difficult in such short notice but it definitely paid out. You can read more about the process on my Medium article.

"Since when something difficult has been a problem to humankind".

it’s time to Change

Laura De la cruz



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