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Monee app

UX / 10hr challenge

My approach for a bank app for frist timers.


Monee Bank is a startup with the mission of revolutionizing traditional Banking.

Their target is youngsters between 22 and 35 years old, millennials, that access banking services for the first time.

The challenge was to design a dashboard for their mobile banking app taking into consideration the Insights given by the client, who had made extensive qualitative research.

Course of action

With only 10hrs till the deadline, I first decided which steps I was going to follow in order to accomplish the challenge with the best end result possible.

I defined the goal, and since I was given very good Insights from the client I converted them on to deliverables like user personas, and also added some quantitative research such as benchmarking. You can read the whole process on my Medium article.

Goal definition

User persona





At this point, I had a clear idea of what needed to be done. A mobile app designed for millennials that had little or no experience with banking. So my approach was to create an app that would be simple to understand, which resembles the apps that they use on a daily basis like social media. It should use a comprehensive language and be simplified to the maximum.



For the visual part, the ideas were to make an impact, be very recognizable and clean at the same time modern and age-appropriate.

The Logo was intentionally very straight forward, round and bold. Creating a squared icon.

Dashboard Design

The dashboard was inspired by Interactive graphics that are already being used by some companies it is very clean, easy to read, and visual. I chose a sticky menu at the bottom that is often used in social media with the sections that are most relevant to the user: savings, wallet, dashboard, movements, and personal area. More about the sections here.


Conclusions & future work

It has been a very interesting challenge to create this app. Taking inspiration from modern banking and wallet banking apps.
In order to have a better affordance, the graphics are inspired by interfaces that young people use on a daily basis.

It was a very inspiring process and satisfactory being able to achieve so much in so little time.

In the future, I would like to do some testing and the iterations needed. If you enjoyed please read the full article here.

Laura De la cruz



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