Infarto producciones

Graphic / corporate identity

Creation of  the company’s visual identity.


I was asked to create the corporate identity of a new production company. The owners are highly creative people that had already started managing music artists, producing events, and creating audiovisual solutions from tv to videoclips. Their attitude is irreverent, fresh, unapologetic. No wonder why they choose the name Infarto traduced literary as a heart attack is also used in Spanish to express that something is mind-blowing.


I was given total freedom in order to create for them. The first thing I did was define the brand I also did benchmarking to see what the competition was doing in order to stand out from them, and I also did an extensive moodboard on work that could represent them. 







I created a very strong image that made an impact instantly and very recognizable. I chose an uppercase display font that stood out and added the wave one get from a heart rate monitor. For the images instead of a plain background, I played with textures and added a red color version for their web and secondary uses.


For their party lauch I made some visuals that were displayed on screens and also in stage being this one the first one to present the company. 1 minute video with a heart beat sound increasing in rate as well as the images in the background that show something big is about to explode.

Laura De la cruz



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