Antídotos fugaces

Graphic / LP Cover

The design process for the LP, singles and posters.


The Spanish Rock band Pasajero asked me to create their LP cover design together with two singles and their tour posters.

They have a very defined style and also they already had the cover idea on their mind. So we gathered together with the photographer Juan Aragonés and we developed further the whole project.

Their concept was to create a dystopian imaginary where people are connected to cables and technology is the only way we communicate. We forget the human side, touch the simple things and turn to technology in the search of connections. They also wanted to reflect on the flaws of technology by breaking the images with glitches.


My first approach was doing some benchmarking on the style cyberpunk and figure out how we would create a realistic image. I gathered so many references that we used in order to create mockups and choosing the style of the cables.


We followed the band’s desire of having a boy and a girl naked next to each other but only connected by cables for the cover. It would be just the image, on the back I created glitched images of the front picture together with all the LP info. The disco bag had written in ”code” the name of the songs and it’s lyrics. For the two singles that were going to come out before the chose to show a detail of the cables with the name of the song written in one of them and another with a motherboard.

Conclusions & credits

I enjoyed very much the process of creating the image for the band, I was very lucky the band knew what they wanted and let us work freely. The team with Juan Aragonés was great in order to generate the idea and creating the pictures. For the 3D I got the amazing help of Alberto Gonzalo, an expert on 3D-max that gave the cables a realistic look that I don’t think I could have achieved. Team work is the best, not only for the result but for the people involved that learn one from the other.

Laura De la cruz



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